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With the big yellow foam buoy already built, our team of engineering students now focused on building the long slender spar assembly. Read more »


Once the design for the wave energy converter had been finalized, the team decided to start with building the buoy. Read more »

Over the last 12 weeks our team had worked together to create computer simulations and CAD drawings to explain how the system would be assembled and operate, but the true test would be implementing our designs to make them robust enough to withstand the extreme ocean conditions. Read more »


After investigative research, our team had broken down the wave energy converter (WEC) into five major subsystems: buoy, hydraulics, electronics, spar, and heave plate. Read more »


It had been four years since I first learned about renewable ocean power technology. I now had a team, funding, and the beginnings of a plan to build a wave energy converter (WEC) using off-the-shelf parts so that others could take our plans and improve them. Even before the project... Read more »

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This is part one of a 10-part series about the trials and tribulations of building a wave energy converter. Throughout the project, our mission has always been to promote the idea of ocean energy and share our designs with the maker community. Read more »