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Latest from odewahn

This Codebox shows how to create a variety of geometric designs using recursion. Read more »

This Codebox shows you how to create your own color filters using matrix multiplication. Read more »

This Codebox shows you how to use the ZXing library (pronounced "Zebra Crossing") to identify QR codes in a live webcam feed. Read more »

This Codebox shows how to use Processing to create a Ken Burns style movie from your flickr photos. Read more »

Bug Labs' open source hacker Far McKon just let me know that he's bringing 5 complete bug bundles to the event for teams to incorporate into their projects. The event is this weekend (Feb 19) in Boston, so register now! Read more »

Microsoft New England Research & Development Center are going to lend 4 or 5 Kinects for teams to use for the challenges at MS NERD on February 19th. Read more »

MAKE and O'Reilly are co-sponsoring the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge in Boston on February 19. Come spend that day with developers, designers, researchers, care providers, patients, and anyone else interested in improving healthcare by building new applications and tools. Read more »


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