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Paloma Fautley

Paloma Fautley

Paloma Fautley is an engineering intern at Make: Labs. She is currently pursuing a degree in robotics engineering and has a wide range of interests, from baking to pyrotechnics.

Latest from Paloma Fautley

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Make intern Paloma Fautley builds a pedal powered vehicle for Maker Faire Bay Area. Follow along with this series of posts to see how the project evolves, hopefully culminating in an impressive piece at Maker Faire. Read more »


Imogen Heap and a team of makers have been developing a pair of high-tech gloves, called the Mi.Mu, that will allow users to manipulate sounds via gestures, allowing a literally hands-on style of writing and performing. Read more »

kat armor Upgrades_00_zpsa66593ff

Halo armor is one of the most popular options for a custom build and when done right can be amazing, like this build by Lil Tyrant. Read more »

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 3.37.08 PM

When asked to pick my favorite item from the Shed I immediately knew that I would choose the Blinky POV kit. Not only is this kit fun to make, but it is also really fun once it's been made. Read more »


MAKE intern Paloma Fautley's mission: Find uncultured whey to make kimchi. Read about her adventures chasing down this ingredient, from a kefir store, to a yoga instructor that raises goats, to a fridge in the middle of a yard. Read more »

Cyborg with light

If you’ve ever wanted to fulfill your dream of becoming a cyborg, now is your chance. In this tutorial we’ll teach you how to create a prosthetic piece that you can attach to your face for an interesting and fun look. Read more »


I'm working on a project for Make Volume 35 which — spoiler alert — helps you make molds of your choice and use that to cook Patti-Goop in a self-made oven. The other night, we made some Mario-themed Patti-Goop accessories for Makey the Robot, and when we put them on,... Read more »


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