Paloma Fautley

Paloma Fautley

Paloma Fautley is an engineering intern at Make: Labs. She is currently pursuing a degree in robotics engineering and has a wide range of interests, from baking to pyrotechnics.

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Imogen Heap and a team of makers have been developing a pair of high-tech gloves, called the Mi.Mu, that will allow users to manipulate sounds via gestures, allowing a literally hands-on style of writing and performing. Read more »

kat armor Upgrades_00_zpsa66593ff

Halo armor is one of the most popular options for a custom build and when done right can be amazing, like this build by Lil Tyrant. Read more »

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 3.37.08 PM

When asked to pick my favorite item from the Shed I immediately knew that I would choose the Blinky POV kit. Not only is this kit fun to make, but it is also really fun once it's been made. Read more »


MAKE intern Paloma Fautley's mission: Find uncultured whey to make kimchi. Read about her adventures chasing down this ingredient, from a kefir store, to a yoga instructor that raises goats, to a fridge in the middle of a yard. Read more »

Cyborg with light

If you’ve ever wanted to fulfill your dream of becoming a cyborg, now is your chance. In this tutorial we’ll teach you how to create a prosthetic piece that you can attach to your face for an interesting and fun look. Read more »


I'm working on a project for Make Volume 35 which — spoiler alert — helps you make molds of your choice and use that to cook Patti-Goop in a self-made oven. The other night, we made some Mario-themed Patti-Goop accessories for Makey the Robot, and when we put them on,... Read more »


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