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Sooner or later almost every Maker will need to drill something that is almost un-drillable. Electrical drills make our lives much easier but they are almost useless on some work because the bit turns too fast and heat is allowed to build up to the level that destroys the bit. Read more »


This was originally meant to be a part of the 140+step concrete lathe project but it is too important to risk it getting buried. It was taught to me by a guy who has been an expert mechanic for over 70 years. Read more »


The “Genny” is a multi-purpose treadle-powered machine for rural areas of developing countries, a power source for such needs as: Charging cellphones Charging batteries Processing grain Providing peak power for undersized solar systems Turning water pumps and machine tools Local – Not Imported Gennies can be built using locally available... Read more »

metal lathe

The Lucien Yeomans “secret” that was almost lost. Your developing world school needs almost-free machine tools? Your developing world factory needs unavailable spare parts? You need a complex part that is too expensive to have made? Need to bootstrap a factory but only have a few bucks? No problem! You... Read more »