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What if there were a loose body of makers, with some recognizable name and "seal of non-disapproval," who take it upon themselves to vet all of the new hardware offerings posted to crowdfunding sites? Read more »


Texan builds machine tools from car parts to save the world. Read more »


An open letter to California Governor Jerry Brown advocating an intrastate exemption to facilitate investment crowdfunding. Read more »


Innovative engineering is often an iterative process of refinement and testing. For Nelson Pass, this means constructing ever-huger sound systems, and then field-testing them by throwing ever-louder parties. Read more »


I enjoy just about any kind of woodworking, so I decided to make the wooden stand for my Giant Bubble Machine project instead of just buying one. Read more »


My friend Ed and I love quoting from the movie Glengarry Glen Ross, especially the plot-inciting speech by Alec Baldwin’s character, in which he informs a veteran sales team that they will now compete against each other to keep their jobs (“Third prize: you’re fired.”) Toward the end of his... Read more »