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Solar TV Remote

Powering a TV remote with the sun means you won’t have to buy batteries every six months to surf from your sofa. Low-voltage devices that use power only occasionally, like remotes, are good candidates for a solar-powered trickle-charge. Here’s how we modded our remote to live off of the sun,... Read more »


Using this simple technique, you can etch a design into a thin pane of clear plastic sheeting, then enclose the edges of the plastic with reflective tape and embed a battery-powered LED. The resulting design appears backlit and hovering in mid-air, with a laser-like textured glow that photographs cannot do... Read more »


Here is my theory: Occult institutions evolve out of professional guilds after they stop caring about how to actually build things. Read more »


Cheap DIY thermal flashlight provides evidence to landlords and housing authorities about poor insulation in apartment units. Read more »

Figure 2. 3d printed model based on CT data

Seth Horowitz is a neuroscientist and assistant research professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Brown University as well as a maker and a 3D printing enthusiast. He shares this report on some ways that he has been using his 3D printer, including a new research method.... Read more »


The Sierra Club's magazine publishes re-use projects regularly now, because making is a part of environmentalism. Read more »


Open MAKE: Trash event at the Exploratorium celebrated garbage as a medium for creativity and a tool for learning. Read more »