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Craig Couden

Craig Couden

Craig is an editorial assistant with MAKE, and among other things enjoys video games and light up clothing.

Latest from Craig Couden

Maker Faire 2012

Imagine a child’s first white Christmas: the excitement of snow, the mystique of Santa, and the oh-so-important presents. Now multiply that feeling threefold, and add in some fire, a few hundred robots, and enough paper rockets to make NASA nervous. Overwhelmed? So was I! Because I work at MAKE, I know... Read more »

Disassembled Laptop

One of our lab interns, Paul Mundell, is inspired by Volume 30's Smarter Homes theme to create a media server from his ailing laptop. Read more »


New Make: Labs intern, Paul Mundell, talks about his latest project -- adding an automatic door unlocker to his 98 Toyota Tacoma. Read more »