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Here’s a SOAPBOX Follow-up: from last week’s article “Make Windows 8 Maker Friendly” by Paul who helped get this idea out in the world. So far it seems Microsoft is looking in to this and will be contacting Paul. He has a post up on DorkbotPDX with some response and... Read more »


NEWS FROM THE FUTURE – Robot Fish Scan For Pollution… One of the easiest ways to detect otherwise unseen underwater pollution in our lakes and oceans is to monitor the animal life. Sometimes subtle changes in fish population can signal a greater problem that demands immediate attention. Not content to... Read more »


This week’s Soapbox is a little different. At Maker Faire I got a chance to meet a lot of people that I’ve only known via mailing lists or their work; one of them was Paul Stoffregen from PJRC. He’s the designer and developer behind the Teensy, one of my favorite... Read more »


Drones to play key part in surf safety @ The Australian: FUTURISTIC technology normally used for military operations could soon be monitoring bathers and sharks off Australian beaches. The project will test the effectiveness of unmanned flying drones as a surf lifesaving tool. A three-month trial on Queensland’s North Stradbroke... Read more »


[ichc-flickr-slide width=”580″ height=”412″ username=”makerbot” set_id=”72157630000129466″ player_r=”109615″] NEWS FROM THE FUTURE – Scanning Art for the World to Download & Make… Now, as if the promise of democratizing goods, revolutionizing industries and opening up a whole new era of “object” piracy wasn’t enough, the MakerBot team is at the Metropolitan Museum of... Read more »


Craig Venter’s Bugs Might Save the World – In the menagerie of Craig Venter’s imagination, tiny bugs will save the world. They will be custom bugs, designer bugs — bugs that only Venter can create. He will mix them up in his private laboratory from bits and pieces of... Read more »


NEWS FROM THE FUTURE – Customer Service Holograms At Airports… NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — She smiles, answers questions and can guide you to the nearest restroom or to your connecting flight. But don’t try to shake her hand. That’s because “she” is an avatar, the latest high-tech venture at the... Read more »