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Scanning with the iSense

Guest blogger Roxanne Rives looks at Comic-Con's 3D printing. Read more »

Scanning whale fossils (Image courtesy of Cerro Ballena and the Smithsonian Institution)

This true facsimile of a prehistoric whale is a treasure from the past in two places at once. Read more »

Global innovators show their creations next to the Cube 3D printer

In the developing world, we have to start by changing kids’ views of education. Read more »

3DS Kids

The City X Project teaches problem solving using 3D printing by way of a fictional city on a distant planet. Read more »

Amanda walking tall in Budapest.

Talk about a step into the future… Exoskeletal robots, once the domain of science fiction, are now helping people in need rise from their wheelchairs. One day in the not-so-distant future, they may replace wheelchairs all together. Imagine being able to stand tall and walk again after months or years... Read more »


My job at 3D Systems gives me the 3D tools to tinker at a high level. The highest level, really, considering we’ve got scanning, design, and 3D printing right here. I’m a lucky guy. So when my quadcopter started to show some of its design flaws, I took to a... Read more »