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Don’t get me wrong, I love to receive compliments. I even fish for them sometimes; “Did you enjoy our concert?” “Did you like the stew I made?” But it really struck a chord when I read Salman Khan’s blog from the Khan Academy website. The point of the blog is to... Read more »


Two years ago last weekend I was in New York City at the World Maker Faire and although I had been once before at the inaugural Montreal Mini Maker Faire it was still like the very first time. At this point I have been to four and have some thoughts on what keeps... Read more »


If two companies, one developing software and the other designing physical objects, were to set up a room at Maker Faire, what do you think it would look like? Would you envision a display of all the products their companies have produced. Or would you envision a setup involving a... Read more »


It was strangely quiet on the Friday night before the Montreal Mini Maker Faire. The maker participants who chose to set up before Saturday morning were going about their business. The volunteers were putting up signs and moving tables. If you didn’t know Dannielle Dyson you might guess she was the one multi-tasking... Read more »


I gave myself the mandate to “tell stories wherever hands, tools, and materials converge.” Read more »