Rachel Hobson

Rachel Hobson

Rachel Hobson is a writer, editor and social media enthusiast with a background in the DIY/Maker and science/geek communities. She's also a life-long space geek, and enjoys living five minutes from Houston's Johnson Space Center where she can get her fill of rockets any time she pleases. Her hobbies include hand embroidery, modern quilting and all things Lego.

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If you’ve ever wished you could get an insider’s look at the daily activities of NASA Goddard’s largest clean room, you’re in luck. Web cams are now providing live coverage of work on the components of the upcoming James Web Space Telescope. The cameras snap and display one picture per... Read more »

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The upcoming mission of the space shuttle will focus heavily on robotics and NASA is using that opportunity to bring additional educational outreach to teachers and students. In an education briefing today, NASA detailed some of the resources and events related to STS-131. The robotics section of the NASA web... Read more »

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Image courtesy NASA Despite initially “iffy” weather reports, Endevaour was given the all-clear to land at Kennedy Space Center late last night, completing an almost two-week mission to the International Space Station where the crew installed a new node and the Cupola. The impressive seven-window addition has already offered up... Read more »

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Space Shuttle Atlantis and the ISS fly across the night sky shortly after undocking back on November 25, 2009. Photo by Ethan Tweedie of Pottsboro, Texas via SpaceWeather.com. Catching flyovers of the International Space Station is one of my favorite hobbies. There is something about being able to watch that... Read more »

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Image courtesy of NASA Last night’s third and final spacewalk for the STS-130 crew resulted in the opening of the Cupola’s seven shutters, revealing what Station commander, Jeff Williams, called “spectacular” views of the earth below. The seven-window Cupola offers 360 degree views of Earth as well as the outside... Read more »

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Astronaut Bob Behnken participates in a spacewalk during STS-123. Image courtesy of NASA. Imagine having your workshop traveling at 17,500 miles per hour more than 200 miles over the Earth as you work through grueling, painstakingly-planned out steps of a project with specialized gadgets like a massive Pistol Grip Tool.... Read more »

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Photo Courtesy CollectSPACE.com When I interviewed STS-130 Mission Specialist, Bob Behnken last week in Houston at Johnson Space Center, I asked his advice for what to expect at my first shuttle launch. He gave me three tips: First, he said, “Bring bug spray.” Fortunately, we didn’t have to worry about... Read more »