Rustom Meyer

Rustom Meyer

I have more projects than I know what to do with. I've previously made toys, ceramics, jewelry, clothes, solar ovens, a custom bicycle, and flashlights, as well as renovating an 150 year old house. My obsession for the last few years has been small solar lighting/power systems: (

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Making your own flashlight can seem like an intimidating project, and the examples online of custom, lathe-turned titanium-bodied flashlights don’t help with that impression. However, making a basic but functional flashlight doesn’t have to be hard. This flashlight can be completed on a modest budget with commonly available parts and... Read more »

PowerPoles connecting together

It's easy enough to standardize the physical connectors in a project (e.g. build your whole robot with just one or two sizes of nut/bolt holding it together). But what about power and electrical connections? Read more »