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Sam Freeman

Sam Freeman

Raised in the galactic capital of Earth, Sam Freeman was destined to work for Make Labs - testing, designing, and breaking projects for MAKE.

Latest from Sam Freeman


The Vector Weapon has been one of our most popular projects on our Maker Faire table. It makes a wide variety of gleefully retro space sounds, and it's a good intermediate soldering project. You can put it in your own case, or get a rad one from the Shed. Read more »


The barrier between the average Joe and a fully automated haunted house just got lowered. Read more »


A go-to outdoor and “rough duty” soldering iron. Read more »


The Lomography Konstruktor DIY Kit comes with beautiful packaging and clear enough instructions, and shooting with finished camera is a unique experience. Get this for anyone looking for a fun kit experience, especially Instagram enthusiasts who may appreciate being reminded what their favorite filters are based on. Read more »

Ben Spurlock rounding a turn.

The thrilling conclusion of the Make Lab engineers badass go-kart performance at Maker Faire Bay Area. And a crash video. Read more »


The incredible tale of how the Make Labs engineers created a badass go kart out of a plastic toy. And how they unwittingly released a horde of ants in the lab. Read more »

Space Hackathon Day One

If I'm going to wake up at 6am and drive two hours to a workshop, I don't think it's too much to ask to see something mind-blowing. Which explains why I visited the Citizen Astronaut and Space Hacker Workshop at Hacker Dojo, right across the street from NASA Ames Research... Read more »


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