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Over 250 libraries, schools, makerspaces and A.C. Moore craft stores all hosted activities for NJ Maker’s Day 2016. (Photo credit Kelly Durkin.)

An estimated 25,000 people attended New Jersey Makers Day at over 250 libraries, schools, museums, makerspaces, and A.C. Moore locations. Read more »

Completed Koch Snowflake card

Nothing says "Season's Greetings" like a good fractal. Make this pop-up Koch snowflake to send to a friend. Read more »

Creativity abounds at the Newark Museum.

With over 40 maker exhibits, 80 galleries full of art and natural science collections, and a full day of workshops, the Greater Newark Mini Maker Faire was a hit with attendees of all ages. Read more »

Easy to use, with no external power needed, the Foldscope magnifies up to 2,000 times. Image courtesy the Foldscape Team.

The Foldscope is a disposable paper microscope that uses tiny spherical lenses. And it costs 50 cents. Read more »

Image (1) lego_timetrack.png for post 80208

A partnership between Google and Lego has ushered in a new age of virtual block-play: Build with Chrome. Read more »

flying robotic jellyfish

Leif Ristroph and Stephen Childress from New York University have just released work with a new robotic ornithopter with a biomechanical design based not on traditional insects or birds, but rather on the aquatic jellyfish. Read more »