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Saul Griffith

Saul Griffith is chief troublemaker at

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Making ice cream can be easy and really tasty. You only need the right ingredients, two strong plastic bags, and a little game of catch. Visit the Howtoons site for a downloadable version of this fun food freezing project. Read more »

solar spit

This do it yourself project will show you how to make a solar powered barbecue. Read more »


Otherlab is building robots you can ride, arm wrestle, or hug. Read more »


Computer-aided design doesn't have to be awful. There's a CAD program out there for you. Read more »

Howtoons Color Racer

Make and play this board game based on the primary colors! Read more »


I’ve been thinking a lot about CNC machines lately. Read more »

I was quite surprised, and in many ways delighted, when DARPA requested proposals for a program called MENTOR that is aimed at addressing the shortfall of well-trained scientists and engineers in the U.S. Read more »


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