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Making something out of T-shirt material can mean different things to different people. For Pho- neticontrol and Shawnimal, it meant designing Pulse Width (PW), a “happy little ’bot” filled with “stuffing and love. Mostly stuffing.” Read more »

John Wells' Bike-O-Worsher works just like any washing machine — you pedal forward for the agitation and pedal backwards for the spin cycle. Read more »


Theresa Honeywell covered an entire motorcycle in knitwork. Read more »


Boredom can play a large part in a teenager’s life, but for Max Maruszewski, it’s often his muse. Read more »


The digital revolution allowed Josch Hambsch to capture the mesmerizing trails of the stars as the Earth rotates. Read more »

Seek out ordinary people creating extraordinary projects, then revel in appreciating their work, their vision, and of course, their imperfections. Read more »