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Goli Mohammadi

Goli Mohammadi

I'm a word nerd who loves to geek out on how emerging technology affects the lexicon. When not fawning over perfect word choices, I can be found on the nearest mountain, looking for untouched powder fields and ideal alpine lakes.

I was an editor for the first 40 volumes of MAKE. The maker movement provides me with endless inspiration, and I love shining light on the incredible makers in our community. Covering art is my passion — after all, art is the first thing most of us ever made.

Contact me at snowgoli (at) gmail (dot) com.

Latest from Goli Mohammadi


Skateboarding and rocking out go hand in hand, and now they literally can thanks to Buenos Aires-based Skate Guitar. The brain child of master luthier/old school skater Ezequiel Galasso and professional skateboarder/musician Gianfranco de Gennaro, Skate Guitars are handmade from two repurposed skate decks a piece. The duo embrace the... Read more »


Tech researcher and interaction designer Karen Tanenbaum is passionate about the maker movement and its ability to transform our relationship to computing and creativity. She holds a masters in linguistics and a Ph.D. in interactive arts and technology. Her research work has focused on wearable, tangible, and ubiquitous computing, as... Read more »

signal 3D printed snowboard2

The mad snow scientists at California-based Signal Snowboards are at it again. They have a monthly show they put together with Network A, called Every Third Thursday, where they come up with a snowboard concept, regardless of how off the wall, execute it, and ride the board they’ve created. To... Read more »

tampa upcycled studio kensart

This weekend, on Saturday, March 23, the second annual Tampa Bay Mini Maker Faire is taking place in Hudson, Florida. They have a lineup of diverse makers in store, from satellite builders to HAM radio enthusiasts, artists to roboticist, and plenty of inspiring young makers. Here is just a sampling.... Read more »


Entrepreneur and social media maven Nora Abousteit is in the business of facilitating and celebrating the exchange of knowledge through interactive media. She thrives on blending old and new, having gotten her start at German power publisher Hubert Burda Media, where she reinvented a sewing magazine started in the 1940s... Read more »


Austin, Texas-based artist and audiophile Christopher Locke takes old horns and transforms them into amplifiers for iPhones and iPads, calling them AnalogTelePhonographers. The visual blending of analog and digital is certainly intriguing and the sound (video below) is great. His pieces harken back to a time when classic audio equipment... Read more »

Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 5.40.41 PM

Canadian train enthusiast Jason Shron has a special place in his heart for VIA trains, Canada’s intercity passenger rail cars. His lifelong dream was to have a train car in his basement. When he was 12, he wrote VIA a letter asking if there was any way he could buy... Read more »


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