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Goli Mohammadi

Goli Mohammadi

I'm senior editor at MAKE and have worked on MAKE magazine since the first issue. I'm a word nerd who particularly loves to geek out on how emerging technology affects the lexicon as a whole. When not fawning over perfect word choices, I can be found on the nearest mountain, looking for the ideal alpine lake or hunting for snow to feed my inner snowboard addict.

The maker movement provides me with endless inspiration, and I love shining light on the incredible makers in our community. The specific beat I cover is art, and I'm a huge proponent of STEAM (as opposed to STEM). After all, the first thing most of us ever made was art.

Contact me at goli (at) makermedia (dot) com.

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Vermont-based freelance reporter and maker Bob Parks has been contributing to the pages of MAKE since Volume 01. He’s profiled makers as diverse as special effects innovator Glen Derry and synthetic biologist Drew Endy, and is the author of the very first MAKE-branded book we published (in 2005), aptly titled... Read more »


Makers, take your marks! The countdown has begun: we’re three months out from our 8th annual Maker Faire Bay Area, taking place May 18 and 19 at the San Mateo Fairgrounds. Last year, we featured a whopping 900 makers, and 110,000 like-minded folks came out to celebrate the joy of... Read more »


Michigan-based audiophile Ross Hershberger has shared three great projects on the pages of MAKE. First he showed us how to turn good vintage speakers into great modern ones with the EconoWave Speakers. Then he wowed us with his see-through, bare-bones Squelette amp project. And most recently, he shared step-by-step for... Read more »

dice popper

Toronto-based maker Gus Dassios’ Dice Popper project gives me flashbacks of hours spent playing Trouble back in the day. There’s just something so satisfying about pushing the plastic bubble and watching the dice tumble. Gus shared his super simple how-to on the pages of MAKE Volume 33, and you can... Read more »


Steve Hoefer is a San Francisco-based inventor and creative problem solver with nearly 20 years of experience. He’s contributed projects to the pages of MAKE, including his Indestructible LED Lanterns, Secret-Knock Gumball Machine, and Haptic Wrist Rangefinder. He’s also active in the open source hardware and software communities and is... Read more »

barbies blinky dress2

Looks like those years of being a computer engineer have gotten Barbie into soft circuits — this year an available accessory is the Digital Dress. Read more »


Photo by Judd Irish Bradley Wendy Tremayne has contributed a number of projects to the pages of MAKE and CRAFT over the years, all under the themes of creative reuse and homesteading. She’s also founder of the Swap-O-Rama-Rama event that combines clothing swap and DIY workshops, and has become a... Read more »