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  • 08/13/2011 @ 7:00 am
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I do love an instant-gratification project with a sense of humor. Christen of Twirling Betty acquired some pretty Japanese Washi tape and used it to create a set of refrigerator magnets that look like… tape! The whole project takes minutes to do, and is a great way to recycle any... Read more »

Whether you have a full-time craft business or some part-time projects you run alongside your day job, you might want to check out Weave, Intuit’s new app for iPhone and iPod. It’s designed to track your projects, tasks, income, and expenses.   The app centers around the Projects you set... Read more »

By Shawn Bowman The folks in my family are big fans of the ridiculous, with bad jokes and slapstick gags at the top of our fun list. Our favorite kind of summer party involves delicious food, lots of friends and the definitive gesture in slapstick humor; a good old fashioned... Read more »

If you have some bored kids around your house, try this little project: pull a cereal box from your recycle bin, dig up some yarn scraps, and weave some pretty sun ornaments. Michele Pacey shares her how-to over at Michele Made Me. I could see these being cool holiday decorations... Read more »

Andrew Lewis shares an interesting guest project from Inkodye on his blog, Inkodye is a photo-sensitive permanent dye you can use to print on fabrics. Here, a strip of silk ribbon was coated with the dye, and then a strip of photo negatives was pinned over that. After a... Read more »

Everything Alice: The Wonderland Book of Makes and Bakes, by Hannah Read-Baldrey and Christine Leech Win first prize this year for the best roses with this spectacular display of easy-to-make lights. If you cannot find a string of large bulbs, you can easily make smaller roses for a string of... Read more »

Lea Redmond is interested in “conceptual knitting” – knitting projects that go beyond the pattern to become a small act of performance, community outreach or experimentation. In fact, she’s just embarked on a year-long public project, and you’re invited to join in. From her website: “Most knitting patterns call for... Read more »