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Adam Flaherty writes over on Make about Gulp – the world’s largest stop-motion animation. That image above represents an 11,000 square-foot set. The boat you see is large enough that it took eight people to carry and place it. And that’s a real person in the boat, not a clay... Read more »

By Jessica Wilson Do your kiddos clamor for art fun? Need a distraction for them while you’re lunching it up with friends and/or family? Whip up an assortment of these nifty bento-style art kits and your wee ones will be golden! The key to a bento-style art kit is filling... Read more »

We posted a couple months back about Mini-eco’s woven gift topper, but here’s a really fun new Space Invaders version she’s done. What I love most about this project is that it’s a simple way to introduce yourself to the joys of weaving in patterns. Once you’ve mastered these aliens,... Read more »

Here’s a lovely resist-dye technique from Kari of Sweet Verbena, guest blogging at Ucreate. She used a readily-available gel glue to write and draw on plain tees, and then dunked them in dye. The glue prevents the dye from soaking in, creating a subtle pattern in white, and then it... Read more »

These would make such a cute addition to a kid’s Back-to-School kit. Or party favors! Kimann from Scissors.Paper.Wok shows how to turn ordinary pencils mushroom-y with the help of woodworking buttons, which are available at many building supply stores. Read more »

By Jessica Wilson This is a favorite mess-happy project that I have been doing for years. Until recently, I usually stuck with funky noodle shapes made from your average semolina or wheat pastas. But lately, I like rice noodles, as they are wee bit more translucent than your average noodle... Read more »

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  • 08/08/2011 @ 11:00 am
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After all the years I’ve spent lobbying for someone to make superhero Underoos in grown-up sizes, I’m thrilled to see Bethany Sew-and-Sew’s line of spectacular superhero aprons. I do believe household chores would be no match for me in one of these babies. Read more »