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Fun with Transistors


Playing with transistors lets you in on what makes just about everything in our world work. Transistors are easy to work with, requiring just a few basic steps. In most cases you need to use biasing resistors to control when they turn on and off. Biasing resistors also lower the... Read more »

Servos Unscrambled


Servos bring life to our ideas. Servos can be mysterious, but in fact they are very simple. Servos use a simple electronic pulse to tell them what angle you want them to go to. It is electronic but not digital. There are digital servos and they are different than standard... Read more »

Arduino LED Exploration


My program shows you all of the data on your Led from the first light to the normal operation light. From that data you can pick an RS that is good light, but lower in current. You must build the circuit to run my program. You must open a terminal... Read more »

Connector Magic


I have always been a geek. I tear everything apart to see what I can make of it. I just got into small robots with the starter pack and some Basic Stamps and Arduinos. The Let’s Make Robots kit is so complete you just stick it together with double-stick... Read more »

LED Testing


LEDs are everywhere and in every project you see anywhere. They show that your microprocessor unit is alive and running the program you wrote. LEDs are tough little lights that light up everything including you. They provide instant gratification. Here is my simple tester. There are lots of kits to... Read more »

Fun with Push Lights


We have all used something like these battery-operated stick-up lights for closets and dark places. And we forget about them. Note: You should check all of your battery-powered devices at least once a year. When batteries leak they can damage everything and rust metal contacts. Most of the older stick-up... Read more »