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Experiments in 3D Printed Fashion


Excerpt from the article: Fashion and technology are the perfect pairing. Fashion’s constant need for newness drives designers to continually seek novel materials and innovative ways of making garments. Emerging technologies provide designers with fresh inspiration and opportunities to innovate and create radically new garments that don’t already exist. Read more »

Space Invaders Tote


The Space Invaders are sensitive to the electromagnetic waves of mobile phones. When in close proximity to a mobile phone, the Space Invader is energized by an incoming call and its LED eyes begin to twinkle. Accessorized with a handmade Space Invaders Tote for an evening shindig, you will never... Read more »

Emoting Puppets


Finger puppets are fun storytelling devices that provide hours of imaginative play. With a mere wag of a finger, your puppet comes to life and begins its theatrical performance. Your puppet’s persona is predominately determined by its design. Is it big and clumsy? Slender and refined? Jolly with a knobby... Read more »