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Sylvia’s Mini Maker Show shows kids how to sew their own "Backpack Buddy" Read more »

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By Super Awesome Sylvia and her dad, James Are you curious about experimenting with electronics, but the fear of electric shock or soldering iron burns keep you away? Why not try squishy circuits!  With a special recipe of food-safe, kitchen-made, pliable dough developed at the University of St. Thomas, kids... Read more »

Welcome to Sylvia's Super-Awesome Make Holiday Gift guide 2011! Your source for what to get your favorite maker this holiday season. Read more »

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I bet you didn’t know that there’s a soft side to the hard edged fiberglass boarded electronics you know and love, and it’s called soft circuitry! The copper clad board in through-the-hole electronics can actually be replaced by cloth, and the traces replaced with conductive thread, allowing your projects to... Read more »

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Today we’re diving deep for an easy build you can do in an afternoon: your very own cardboard periscope. Let’s go! Read more »

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Did you ever want to upgrade your bread-boarded circuits to something more permanent? Or maybe you’ve got a hankering to make your own metal jewelry? Today we’ll show you how you can do both! With super simple copper etching! Lets go! Read more »