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With the big bad steek behind you, all that’s left is the button placket, a piece of cake. Picking up the button placket is pretty straightforward (detailed instructions on the original pattern). You may notice that on the right side of the steek/left side of the sweater, some of the... Read more »

Now to the drama: the steek! This time around, I got impatient and decided to work my reinforcement without blocking (I’d recommend blocking first – I felt much less confident working with the puckered fabric). I almost cut the steek without blocking as well. But I lost my nerve at... Read more »

Yippee! Here I am, ready for the sleeves. This time, just as before, when I looked at the WIP, the whole thing seemed a little too wee to be the right fit–even though I knew it was perfect from trying on the yoke. But once I tried it on, I... Read more »

Once you reach the end of the yoke for your size, it’s a good idea to first work the row where you place your markers for the sleeves, then transfer all your stitches to either waste yarn or a reeeeeeaaaallllly long circular needle and try it on. If you’re using... Read more »

I just received yesterday my new Sally Yarn and I’m already almost through the yoke! Admittedly, I’m a fast knitter, but I’m well pleased at how quickly all the slipped stitches help move this along. The colorway I chose (dark brown and purple Sheffield) gives this sweater a very different... Read more »

Designing and knitting the Sally Cardigan was so much fun and the results were so exactly what I’d hoped that I’m really tickled to be knitting another one. I’m still wavering over whether to knit the all-over pattern, or give it more of a Nordic flair, with the pattern worked... Read more »

I can’t believe it was this close! Between CRAFT, my blog and Flickr, the sleeve preferences have been neck and neck (arm and arm?) all week! For a couple days, flutter edged ahead, but as of Tuesday morning, when I’d finished everything but the last sleeve, caps were ahead by... Read more »