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Haley Pierson-Cox

Haley Pierson-Cox

Brooklyn-based DIY from a Gal in Granny Glasses

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If you haven't tried short rows--or if you've been feeling intimidated by patterns that include them--you'll definitely want to check out this handy short rows knitting tutorial! Read more »


Throw this DIY dress-up idea together in a few hours, but look like you've been planning for weeks with this charming windup doll Halloween costume! Read more »


Grab some paper and fold up a set of creepy cool vampire fang origami lips! Read more »


Expertly matched plaids and stripes add an extra boost of professionalism to handmade garments, and can also help you avoid any weird stripe-induced optical illusions, ensuring that your clothing ends up looking like it's supposed to. So, if you need a little bit of help in that area, you'll definitely... Read more »


Turn the humble ice cube into the life of the party with edible food glitter and this fun glitter ice cubes tutorial! Read more »


Combine two crafting techniques that aren't usually found together in the same project with this neat tutorial for making your own beautiful geometric polymer clay necklace with sashiko embroidery! Read more »


All summer long, I'm a coffee-with-soy-milk-for-breakfast kind of girl, but as the weather cools down, I suddenly find myself craving ALL of the delicious breakfast baked goods. Know the feeling? Give yourself a tasty new reason to get out of bed on chilly mornings with this cranberry almond french toast... Read more »


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