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Haley Pierson-Cox

Brooklyn-based DIY from a Gal in Granny Glasses http://www.thezenofmaking.com

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Kid Knits: Kitty Cat Headband

Looking for a purrrfect gift for the feline-loving kid in your life? Knit up a super-cute kitty cat headband! Whether you’ve got a french knitter, a thread spool loom, or you just like to knit i-cord, this fun and kid-friendly headband is the perfect project for crafty parents or for... Read more »

CRAFT Flickr Pool Weekly Roundup

Here are some cool things we saw in the CRAFT Flickr Pool this week: Look at all these wee little robots faces, by HerArt SheLoves .:still wedding congratulations, by Agata Araszkiewicz The Vault, by AlladdinSE Blue Felt Caterpillar-ish Bug Brooch, by Hiné Mizushima Honey Planets, 2015., by Olisa Read more »

invisible ink featured image

Have mini detectives, secret agents, or superheroes at home? Keep your creative kids entertained for hours with this fun DIY invisible ink recipe that uses ingredients straight from the kitchen! There’s nothing quite as fun as sharing secrets with your BFF using invisible ink. Crafty kids will especially love the... Read more »

Make a Set of DIY Paper Dandelion Lanterns

Make a set whimsical DIY paper dandelion lanterns for your LED tea lights with this free printable! Want to bring some DIY beauty to a relaxing summer evening? Raid your office or recycle bin for paper and empty plastic water bottles, then use your digital cutter or craft knife to... Read more »

Handmade Kids: Knit Linen Vest for Babies

Make a comfy multi-season top for your little one with this sweet and breezy knit linen vest for babies! Lightweight, soft, and sturdy, linen and linen blends are perfect for creating practical, versatile handknits. A perfect example: This simple and classic knit linen vest for babies pattern from Laura’s Loop... Read more »

Make a Pretty Woven Necklace with Beadwork

Try your hand at weaving with a fun small-scale project—make yourself a pretty woven necklace with beadwork! You don’t need special equipment to pick up this new craft skill. Grab some cotton twine and a handful of beads in your favorite color, and you’ll have a unique piece of jewelry... Read more »

Summer Color: Temporary Colombré Hair

Love to play with color? Give your locks a summertime makeover with temporary colombré hair! Learn to wield hair chalk like a pro—and get some seriously enviable mermaid hair while you’re at it—with this bold but totally temporary fashion-forward art project. Ready to get your crafty gal glam on? Check... Read more »