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Haley Pierson-Cox

Haley Pierson-Cox

Brooklyn-based DIY from a Gal in Granny Glasses

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Kick your pre-Halloween weekend off right with this spooky and boozy poison apple cocktail recipe! Read more »


Knock 'em dead--or, you know, EXTERMINATE 'em--at Halloween parties, cons, or your geek-tastic activity of choice with this awesome Doctor Who-inspired Dalek dress Halloween/cosplay costume tutorial! Read more »


Is your trusty old bike looking a little rough? Give that faithful friend a new lease on life with this easy-to-follow bicycle painting tutorial! Read more »


If you're planning to combat the winter chill with a crocheted blanket or two but are feeling a little overwhelmed by all the available patterns, you'll definitely want to check out this delightfully simple join-as-you-go crocheted square blanket tutorial! Read more »


In today's culture of disposable fashion, the simple art of basic darning and mending has been all but forgotten. But, thanks to a recent question from my BFF about fixing a hole in a garment, I stumbled upon this neat post on The Coletterie that features a few instructive pages... Read more »


If you've been holding off on decorating for Halloween because there simply isn't enough BeyoncĂ© in the holiday to suit your needs, the time to hesitate has passed. This pumpkin carving tutorial is for you. Read more »


Knitter or crocheter? Perfect those sweater shapes and lace repeats on a dedicated pin-friendly surface with this helpful DIY blocking board tutorial! Read more »


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