Haley Pierson-Cox

Haley Pierson-Cox

Brooklyn-based DIY from a Gal in Granny Glasses http://www.thezenofmaking.com

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Make a Floating Pool Noodle Beverage Boat

Have a plastic tub and a pool noodle? Your day at the beach/pool/lake just got a whole lot better with this floating pool noodle beverage boat! The problem with open water? Nowhere to put that much-needed beverage. The solution: Build your booze (and soda and juice) a boat! (Obviously.) Planning... Read more »

Get Ready for the 4th: Patriotic Stripes Tie Dye Shirt

The Fourth of July is coming right up, so now’s a great time to start celebrating! Make sure your primary colors are on point with a patriotic stripes tie dye shirt. Try your hand at a stylish diagonal stripe tie dye pattern that yields some truly eye-catching results! Whether you’re... Read more »

Grownup Treats: Watermelon St. Germain Slush

Hot and humid weather definitely calls for a summer-appropriate cocktail. Cool off with a tasty watermelon St. Germain slush! Relive the joys of childhood slushies, but with a decidedly grownup twist that’s perfect for a day spent lounging by the pool with your best pals. Refresh your tastebuds and lift... Read more »

Faux Sea Glass for Jewelry, Beading, or Home Decor

If you love the look of sea glass for DIY and decor, you can now get the same look without getting sand in your shoes! Whip up a batch of faux sea glass for all your crafting needs. Don’t live near a beach? Can’t find enough pieces of sea glass... Read more »

Party on Your Patio: Outdoor Serving Station

Entertaining outdoors this summer? Mix drinks and display appetizers with ease with this simple and smart outdoor serving station! For me, the biggest stress related to patio dining is almost always an issue of space. Having a dedicated serving area removes this problem so you can enjoy your guests, your... Read more »

Light It Up: Easy DIY Campfire Starters

Have dryer lint or sawdust lurking around in your home or workshop? Turn that trash into easy DIY campfire starters that’ll keep you s’more-ready all summer long! As many beginner campers, and some┬áskilled outdoorsmen/women, have experienced┬ásometimes wood fires just don’t want to light. Maybe the wood is a little bit... Read more »

Summer Essentials: Maple-Bourbon BBQ Sauce Recipe

Ready to be backyard or block party royalty? Homemade maple-bourbon BBQ sauce should do the trick! Dreaming of the perfect summer cookout? Try your hand at DIY condiments with this tasty maple-bourbon BBQ sauce recipe that Ashley McLaughlin from Edible Perspective shared on Craftsy. (It’s tomato and sugar-based, in case... Read more »