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Haley Pierson-Cox

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Frost to Impress: Cake Decorating with Simple Scroll Piping

Have a party coming up? Skip the trip to the bakery! Instead, impress your friends and family with your fabulous scroll piping cake decorating skills. It’s a beginner friendly technique that yields gorgeous results! When it comes to decorating fancy-looking cakes in a snap, it’s all about texture! Check out... Read more »

Camp Craft Upgrade: Liberty Braided Friendship Bracelets

Whether you’re a 12-year-old kid or a 50-year-old kid, making and giving hand-woven bracelets never stops being fun. And, if you’re a fan of Liberty fabrics, you’ll definitely want to add these fun Liberty braided friendship bracelets to your crafty repertoire. Combine your love of gorgeous textiles with sweet summer... Read more »

Backyard Spoilers, Sweetie: Doctor Who-Inspired Stepping Stones

Ready to bring some serious geek cred to your garden? You’ll definitely want to carve out some time this weekend for this delightfully unexpected Doctor Who-inspired stepping stones project! To the uninitiated, these lovely stepping stones will just look like quirky geometric art, but, to fellow Whovians, your new backyard... Read more »

Stitch It: Turn a Pair of Pants into a Sassy Refashioned Skirt

Are your favorite pants getting worn at the knees? Grab your sewing machine and transform that old pair of trousers into a cute refashioned skirt! Upgrade your summer wardrobe using those torn or sendom-worn pants that are just taking up room in your drawer! As long as they fit through... Read more »

Use the Force to Make Your Own DIY Star Wars-Inspired Death Star Ring

Wear a fearsome galactic superweapon on one little finger with this neat Star Wars-inspired DIY Death Star ring project! Dabble with the dark side—of polymer clay jewelry crafts, that is—with this delightfully geeky Star Wars-inspired Death Star ring tutorial that RaChil from The Cwafty Blog shared on Dream A Little... Read more »

Make Your Home Sparkle with DIY Decorative Golden Geodes

Delight both your scientific mind and your design aesthetic with these DIY decorative golden geodes! Because, who doesn’t need a little extra sparkle and shine in their lives from time to time? I’m super into Borax-based grow-your-own-gems projects right now, and this one is particularly fun! Make your own sparkly... Read more »

Flashback CRAFT Pattern: My Fair Ladybug, by Vickie Howell

By Vickie Howell When I was 3 or 4 years old, my mom knit me a ladybug vest and skirt. Man, I loved that outfit! Unfortunately, the original was lost in the great hand-me-down beyond. Still to this day though, I appreciate the cuddly kitsch of the ensemble; so much... Read more »