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German designer and furniture maker Frank Buchwald says he’s fascinated by the “uncompromising functionality of machines,” and he prefers to experience it raw, unobscured by exteriors of mawkish or overly pleasing design. Read more »

Matt Brown's idea is to affix an RFID chip inside a laser-cut, flat-pack paper radio, and then pair the radio with a speaker base with an RFID reader. Read more »

Artist Michel de Broin affixed pieces of mirror to a rock, maintaining its contours, until the rock's surface was entirely covered in mirrors. Read more »


Kevin Cyr's vehicular art series, including the Camper Kart, Camper Bike, and paintings of vans, reflects his interest in the industrial working class. Read more »


Benjamin Van Oost’s Favela is made entirely of trash — recycled boxes, pieces of metal found on the street, toilet paper rolls, aluminum cans. Read more »


Clayton Bailey has made about 100 life-sized robot sculptures, all carefully constructed from found objects whose previous incarnations contribute something unique. Read more »