Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson is the founder of Z Corp. See a hundred more of his projects at instructables.com.

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Your excrement contains the nutrients to fertilize and grow the food that feeds you. Learn about the science behind this age-old cycle. Read more »


Ever thought about trying to make something to last? It’s a hard problem: moths, rust, fire, thieves, and time versus the works of the mighty. Take a walk through an old cemetery. The Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Mass., is one of my favorites. Acid rain is dissolving some of... Read more »


Make your own version of the northern nomad's woodworking tool. Read more »

Sometimes it costs more to buy it than to make it from the money itself. Read more »

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You can easily make your own version of the northern nomad’s woodworking tool. Read more »

Here's a Naish carbon stand-up paddle that retails for $3.99, next to my "copy" which didn't cost anything to make and took an hour or so of work.

Here’s a better, quicker, inexpensive way to make a paddle. Read more »