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Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson is the founder of Z Corp. See a hundred more of his projects at

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A family of inventive blacksmiths in Indonesia supply the locals with just about everything they need. Read more »

M17_1 Canoe Parking

I came across some handy techniques on a recent visit to Maui. Here are just some of the island tricks you should know about. Read more »


With 3,000-plus years of maize cultivation, Guatemalans have come up with some ingenious tricks and tools. Read more »


3D scanners are not as common as 3D printers, which is strange because you can build one in a few minutes. Read more »


In Kenya, the most common and most useful piece of furniture is the rot- and bedbug-resistant Swahili bed. Read more »


Screw your courage to the sticking place ... —William Shakespeare Read more »

Known for their ingenious reusing and wasting not, the Chinese make very effective cooking fuel briquettes from waste cellulose and carbon materials, using local clay as a binder. The briquettes are cylindrical with air passages through them. Read more »


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