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This is the "Hello World" of biotech. You will make cells that glow! Adding jellyfish genes to bacteria might sound like it's complicated, but it's easy! Read more »

Come one, come all, science geeks, food lovers, Arduino hackers. Build a magical box with Arduino-inspired technology that will control the temperature of an appliance you hack, up to 0.1 degrees accuracy. October 15th at the BioCurious hackerspace in Sunnyvale! Read more »

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We'll be making DIY ecosystems -- fully self-supporting and sealed from the outside world, with some plants, animals, and a few drops of pond scum, in a Mason jar. These same biospheres sell in airline catalogs for hundreds of dollars. Read more »

It's a delight to see OpenPCR already on so many desktops! Josh and I spent the past year staring at mostly-disassembled prototypes, with wires all over the place. It makes it all worthwhile to see everyone assembling their kits, posting pictures of them, and having a blast doing so. Read more »

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The eagerly awaited OpenPCR kit is now shipping! UPS picked up the first batch of kits and OpenPCRs are on their way to users in 5 continents and 13 countries around the world. For $512, every OpenPCR kit includes all the parts, tools, and beautiful printed instructions - you ONLY... Read more »

OpenPCR first came to life last February, and we showed off our first prototype at Maker Faire last May. Those of you following the OpenPCR blog know we designed, refined, and engineered our hearts out. Today, Josh and I are pleased to make the first version of the OpenPCR design... Read more »

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This morning I saw several tweets about DNA testing and Osama Bin Laden: “All I’m sayin is, if they took DNA samples for bin Laden, who did they match it against,& that was one ruddy fast PCR, can I have your machine?” – upulie “Did they bring PCR machine on... Read more »