Tyler Moskowite

Tyler Moskowite

I am the Web Development Intern for MAKE, and a part-time Android Developer.

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  As a child, I always looked up at the stars and wondered how I could make it into space. Hopefully, I will live to see that day, but for now, a homemade satellite will have to do. The Nanosatisfi team has made it their mission “to provide affordable space... Read more »

Android rocked the physical computing landscape last spring when it announced the Android Open Accessory Development Kit (ADK), an Arduino-based platform that combines the brains and connectivity of the Android with Arduino’s wealth of open source wares for controlling physical devices. The ADK presents almost limitless potential for projects. Now... Read more »

The world of Arduino microcontrollers can be a challenge to break into — but not if you’re equipped with this kit, which includes all of the hardware you need to work through each of the experiments in Getting Started with Arduino, the popular introductory book by Arduino project co-founder Massimo... Read more »

This pixel-scale, portable Meggy Jr game platform is fun for any gamer, especially those who know their way around an Arduino. About the size of a VHS tape, it offers an 8×8 matrix of RGB LEDs and a lot of functionality with very little setup. It comes pre-programmed with Attack of... Read more »


The Octolively is one of the most entertaining kits I have built in a while. It’s an interactive, tileable LED module that carries eight huge (10mm) LEDs arranged on its 4″×8″ board. Its sensors detect nearby movement using both infrared and visible light, and the LEDs, which come in a... Read more »

NFC/RFID Controller Breakout Board

In the next few years there’s going to be an influx of a not-so-new technology called Near Field Communication (NFC), which is very similar to RFID, and enables small devices to read passive tags and communicate with each other in close proximity. Card readers use it, as do phones that... Read more »

EZ-Expander Shield

When working with the Arduno Uno, I often find myself needing more output ports than it’s got. Instead of having to trade my Uno for an Arduino Mega, I just plug in an EZ-Expander Shield, which plugs into three I/O ports and furnishes 16 — instantly providing 13 more I/Os.... Read more »