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Tom Burtonwood

Tom Burtonwood

Tom Burtonwood is an artist, educator and entrepreneur based in Chicago, IL. Burtonwood co-founded Mimesis, LLC a product development company focused on 3D scanning and digital fabrication. He teaches at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Columbia College.

Find Tom on Twitter: @tburtonwood and on Instagram: @tomburtonwood

Latest from Tom Burtonwood

Image credit: Vesa Aaltonen

Last week Holly Holmes and I traveled to Turku, Finland to stay with artist Jan-Erik Andersson and his family. We made the journey to see Life on a Leaf, the house that Andersson designed in collaboration with architect Erkki Pitk√§ranta and built over a 10 year period from 1999 to... Read more »

The inaugural Chicago Fire Festival treated 30,000 people to a multi sensory experience of light, sound and fire. Produced by Redmoon Theater the festival began with the lowering of flaming cauldrons above the Chicago River. Mayor Rahm Emmanuel lit the first cauldron from the Michigan Avenue Bridge to inaugurate the... Read more »


With a combination of accessible features, smart packaging, and a $999 price point, it's obvious that the Dremel Idea Builder is a machine aimed squarely at the mass market. Read more »

Airwolf 3D

Taking cues from both the RepRap Air and Prusa, the Airwolf AW3D XL is a solid, robust machine with a lot of potential that produces quality, large-volume prints. Read more »

Up Mini

A heated bed and a sleek enclosure offer an affordable multimaterial option. Read more »

PrintrBot Simple

This surprising little printer is perfect for the classroom or anyone on the go. Read more »


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