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The F306 is a thing of beauty and will delight 3D printer enthusiasts. It’s an entrancing machine, with the open frame design, brightly lit build area, mirrored platform, and nylon thread movements. The printing seemed effortless and graceful, and it scored highly over the weekend testing. The hefty price tag... Read more »


Brook Drumm and Printrbot are an inspiration to makers and hardware hackers everywhere. Their company credo seems to be a healthy combination of minimalism and irreverence from which a good number of innovative, thought-provoking products have emerged. The Printrbot Play is another excellent 3D printer from this lineage in terms... Read more »

Knotty Objects curatorial team Joi Ito, Paola Antonelli, Kevin Slavin and Neri Oxman open the proceedings

We attended design summit "Knotty Objects" at the MIT Media Lab to talk about technology, design, and the future of humanity. Here's how it went. Read more »

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During my second week as an artist in residence at the Maker Media Lab, I decided to explore designing and creating a filament colorizer. Read more »


I came to Maker Media Lab with a couple of projects in mind for my short stint as artist in residence: Louis Sullivan 3D printed architectural reference book Arduino controlled 3D printer filament pigmentation device 3D scanning with drones During my first week in the lab, I chose to focus... Read more »

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The Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) occupies the site of the Liverpool Road Station, the world’s first railway station. It served as the Manchester terminus of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway (L&MR), an important route ferrying commercial and public traffic between these two key cities. Exhibits at MOSI include... Read more »