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Bill Olson

Bill Olson

Just another cybergeek from the San Francisco Bay Area trying to keep up with the fast moving, free flowing nature of our ever changing digital age.

Latest from Bill Olson

Air-powered water rockets are easy to build and the fuel is free, but do you want to push the envelope? How about a two-stage water rocket? And instead of pressurized air, how about an explosive gas? I know the perfect gas to use. Back in high school chemistry, I learned... Read more »

Inside your webcam is an imager chip with thousands of sensors, each much smaller than a hair. Replace the lens with an LED, place a sample directly on the the chip, and you have a lensless microscope capable of streaming live video of plankton or other microorganisms to any display. Read more »

Build tubular drum controllers out of PVC for a professional sound. Read more »


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