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Bare Conductive's Touch Board

Bare Conductive’s Touch Board is based on Arduino Leonardo. Read more »

Often when maker communities become aware of one another they begin to collaborate. That’s a concept I’ve seen play out many times, most recently in San Diego after our Mini Maker Faire. Harnessing this insight and being deliberate with its development can lead to great things. This idea has led to the Making a Maker City symposium... Read more »


One pleasure of attending a Maker Faire is the treasure hunt. What's new that you haven't seen before? What tried-and-true classics can be found? What's novel that merits attention? In discovering these at a Maker Faire you'll have your best conversations and gain your greatest inspiration. So what was to... Read more »


In cosmological terms, last week's San Diego Mini Maker Faire was what is known as a big bang event for the area's maker community. Here's why. Read more »

Emma Willard Girls

Emma Willard School in Troy, NY is staging a Mini Maker Faire, the first of four events celebrating the school's 200th anniversary. Read more »


Makers follow passion pursuits. Coffee lovers chase the perfect cup. Between the two there's not much difference when you hear the story of Mark Sibenac and Stuart Heys who, in their pursuit of great coffee, applied their engineering skills to build a coffee-making robot. And a great cup of coffee it... Read more »

PocketNC, a 5-axis mill for around $3,000.

Jaws drop when makers see a five-axis CNC at work. That's what happened to me when I saw PocketNC performing its magic. I peered closely and saw a spindle moving along two axes milling a piece of plastic mounted on a trunnion moving along/around three axes. The result of a... Read more »


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