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I was in Portland and it was Maker Faire weekend so I had no choice, at the risk of missing my flight I had to go. Attending Faires is one of my favorite activities. Feeling the energy in the air, talking with makers, and unearthing fun projects are what it’s all about... Read more »

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Makerspaces aren't just a good source of camaraderie and hobby level one-off projects. They also occasionally create and manufacture pro-level consumer products and services. Here are a few notable items that you can purchase, which have come from makerspaces around the country. Read more »


The deck is stacked against those buying low-income manufactured homes. Though these homes are cheaper in price they’re harder to finance, depreciate in value immediately, and are difficult to insure. Traditional homes offers long-term net benefit to owners; manufactured homes keep owners locked into a downward spiral. This didn’t seem right... Read more »


You’d expect this company to have been inspired by Iron Man. This team of mechanical engineers is on a mission to bring human scale robotics to the masses. “Human scale” because that’s what will physically help people. The goal of Rise Robotics is to innovate new product to bring costs down,... Read more »


When you survey the 3D printing landscape you find that almost all innovation is focused on printers and software. Yet all printers use consumables and we all have spools of PLA or ABS filament where color seems to pass for innovation. “Not good enough!” thought the founders of MadeSolid who... Read more »

1Sheeld allows for rapid Arduino prototyping by leveraging your Android device.

1Sheeld connects with and exposes the device’s sensors, actuators, and selected app APIs for easy access by the Arduino. Read more »

Hand-held, the router path is kept on track with  XY adjustments.

Their goal is to make tools better by injecting smarts but not to go so far as full CNC. Read more »


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