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Travis Good

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Designed in [X], ordered in London via OpenDesk, fabricated in [Y] and delivered to World Maker Faire in NYC, shown here sitting on the deck of the WikiHouse.

OpenDesk is from the group of designers behind WikiHouse. While their initial project was an open hardware shelter this second project grows out of insights from the first. Read more »


At this year's Hardware Innovation Workshop, a call was put out for interested makers to promote their prototype to us in a video. From these submissions five makers were selected to pitch at HIW. Attendees voted for the idea with the best prospects and the winner presented on stage at... Read more »

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 5.02.59 PM

Years ago when I was in a sales job I learned an important trick to being effective. It wasn’t enough to solve a problem for a client, it was more important to offer a solution which they saw as most effective. I needed to look at the world through their... Read more »


What's an antidote to too much time spent online? Joe Sandor's answer was making something with your hands and spending face-to-face time with friends. It was the social aspect of making and eating crepes that originally inspired the Captain Crepe Pan. That success lead this sculptor to his second adventure... Read more »

Nothing fuels the projects of MAKE:SF more than LEDs.

Among the makerspaces represented in Expo Hall at Maker Faire this weekend is one which offers regular meetings, cheap dues, great venues, and no lease commitments. That's the formula for MAKE:SF which holds regular meetups at hosting business locations. The cost to join this makerspace is a mere $10/six months... Read more »

Hacker Dojo's Hercules Robotics Platform

Got a passion project and want to build a team around it? Start in your makerspace! Dr. David Crawley desperately wanted to hack robots and build a useful platform, not an inexpensive toy that couldn't do anything or a useful robot that few could afford. He wanted his to be... Read more »


As a 9-year-old boy I coerced my mother into buying me a Science Fair 50-in-1 Electronic Projects Kit from Radio Shack. It was a miracle in-a-box! I could wire any of the projects in its book, use it over and over without having to buy new components, and even prototype... Read more »