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Tyler Worman

Tyler Worman

I'm a maker living in Ann Arbor, MI! I enjoy listening to music, playing disc golf, and experimenting with rapid prototyping tools.

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A simple three-switch effects looper for the BeagleBone Black built with open source software. Read more »


Interested in CNC routing but clueless about tooling? Can’t tell an end mill from a drill bit? Don’t be intimidated by CNC routing. Take the first step into machining by gaining a solid understanding of subtractive tooling basics.   Read more »

3D-printed prostheses by e-NABLE

The We Make Health Fest took place on Saturday 8/16. The fest was hosted by the University of Michigan and encouraged creation of technology that could change how we stay healthy. Speakers from the community presented on many exciting topics and below you’ll find some of the exciting ideas that... Read more »


The We Make Health Fest is this Saturday 8/16 from 10am – 4pm! If you are in the Ann Arbor, MI area, stop by the University of Michigan Palmer Commons and check it out. Presenters from the community, University of Michigan and the University of Michigan Health system will be on... Read more »


Track the speed of all the bits and bytes that pass over your local area network and transform that data into blinking tricolor LEDs, powered by the BeagleBone Black. Read more »

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The cost to import and ship CNC routers to other countries can be very expensive. Jeferson Simões is trying to lower those costs for the people of Brazil. Using a Kickstarter-like site called Catarse, Jeferson has set out to raise funding to build two models of CNC routers; Protoptimus P1... Read more »

Tracking motion - Bot & Dolly

Rob|Arch is a conference run by The Association for Robots in Architecture. This year the conference took place in Ann Arbor, MI and was preceded by workshops run at various institutions around the world. The use of industrial robots is fairly new to the field. Researchers are still exploring ways... Read more »


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