Jake Spurlock

Jake Spurlock

Web Developer at MAKE. I'm an Engineer. That means I solve problems.

Also, a geek, designer, HTML/CSS/PHP lover. Taker of photos, and sometimes skiing and biking...

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Use a swivel caster and PVC pipe to capture awesome footage. Read more »


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Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 2.27.40 PM

Here is an early preview of our new video series Maker Hangar that starts July 9th! Let us know what you think! MAKE Magazine and Lucas Weakley have teamed up to bring you "Make Hangar." This is a 15-episode tutorial series that will teach you everything you need to build... Read more »

Mehdi Sadaghdar

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Cardboard RB8

Some people use wood, others metal. For Kota, and likely his parents, the medium is cardboard and they build Red Bull Racing Formula One cars. I love how happy this kis is in the car, and seeing two different revisions shows some commitment from the builder. Read more »