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Google announced a new campaign to find “bold, creative individuals who want to join us and be a part of shaping the future of Glass.” Here at MAKE, we are pretty excited about the potential wearable from Google, and we decided to round-up our entries for the new platform. Nick... Read more »

Transparent Speaker

You know that person, heck, you probably are that person. The holidays can be difficult for people who are married to/siblings/friends of people like you and me. So, what’s a person to do when you end up on their gift list? Throw in the towel? Get a lousy gift card?... Read more »


Back in the 1970s, my friend Wayne Gillis and I used to do light shows at science fiction conventions. We had the usual panoply of overhead, slide, and custom-made projectors, and a single, very expensive, helium-neon laser from Edmund Scientific. Calling ourselves Light Opera, and later, Illuminatus, we performed at... Read more »


A local Sonoma County tradition is the Occidental Farmers market. It is every Friday evening, and this Friday was my first time attending. Surprising to me was the large amount of farmers selling not only fresh product from their farms, but also a lot of starts. I walked away with... Read more »


After taking a flower arranging class in college, my wife likes to whip up nice flower arrangements for friends, parties, weddings, and in this case today, funerals too. A boutonnière is a spray of flowers worn in a buttonhole. For this project, you just need some small flowers, like carnations,... Read more »


A friend here at O'Reilly swung by my office the other day and commented on the copy of the Anarchist Cookbook I had on my desk and that I should check out The Poor Man's James Bond. He had a picked up a copy of it a few years ago... Read more »


Big news coming out today is that 3D Systems is suing Formlabs and subsequently Kickstarter for patent infringement. We thought we'd do a little roundup of some of the news for everyone. Read more »