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Human Powered Helicopter

Check out this great NPR piece about engineering students at University of Maryland that are trying to win a three-decades-old contest for human powered flight. Read more »

Old Spice Muscle Music Commerical

I’m loving this new (can you even call it a) commercial from Old Spice. Sensors are hooked up to the body of Terry Crews, and when flexing, it creates music from the attached, improvised instruments. When the video ends, you get the chance to play, too, using the keyboard. I... Read more »

Andy's Homemade Dump Truck

Well folks, looks like it is time to move to Canada and start building trucks. Andy’s homemade truck is designed for delivering supplies to tree planters on rough terrain. It’s intended to carry loads where pickup trucks can’t go. ATVs are often used, but they don’t have much cargo capacity.... Read more »

Soldering the output wiriing

A couple of weeks ago, MAKE photographer Gregory Hayes, designer Michael Silva, O’Reilly Web Producer Tony Quartarolo, and I had the opportunity to attend Amp Camp, just up the road from the O’Reilly offices in Sebastopol California. What’s Amp Camp? Glad you asked. A few years ago, Dana Brock held... Read more »

Wood Transfer

I love this post from DPS about transferring digital prints to wood. The technique seems simple, and list of supplies isn’t beyond what most people have in their garage or crafting space. To complete the transfer, all you need is: Laser printed photo Wood cut to the same size as... Read more »

Lego Covenant Assault Carrier

I saw this great video on the Flickr blog this morning. Apparently this is based on the Covenant Assault Carrier from the HALO game series. Ben Caulkins, or Benny Brickster on Flickr, has some amazing Lego creations. Notably, his Portal series, Tranformers, and more Lego HALO pieces. The Six Feet... Read more »

String Plotter - HackADay by Mr. Bell.

Love the news coming from Hack a Day Hack a Day hasn’t change its format since 2004. Even though MAKE has gone Web 2.0 with buttons using mouseover, and Instructables has fancy drop-down menus, Hack a Day has been a constant black background, green text child of the web circa... Read more »