Will Holman

Will Holman

Will Holman is the general manager of Open Works. A maker himself, he is the author of Guerilla Furniture Design, out now from Storey Publishing.

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Orange paint is up on the east facade, as well as steel canopies over the doors. Image by Will Holman

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We hosted the leadership of Maryland Institute College of Art, including President Sammy Hoi (third from right) for a tour last week to discuss partnership possibilities. Photo by Will Holman

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Accent wall in lobby made with reclaimed floor baords from DETAILs. Photo by Will Holman

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Deploying the carts at a street fair. Rendering by Sadie Dempsey.  (1)

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Community outreach meeting at Barclay community center in April, where local kids built a cnc-ed chair held together with zip-ties. Photo by Will Holman

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Sidewalk in the parking lot around the new main entrance. Photo by Will Holman (1)

without the right software, much of the hardware in a makerspace is a lot less useful and some of it is downright useless. Read more »