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This fume extractor is based on the mini fume extractor that was made by Marc de Vinck. This is basically a fume extractor mounted onto a third-hand tool. In other words, this is just a thing you can do with the mini fume extractor. If you want a fume extractor... Read more »

The robot-headed valentine box is basically a cardboard box that has a few electronics inside. This is perfect for a valentine box, especially for kids. You just put the valentines through the mouth, and access them at the back. This is also a very fun craft to do so let’s... Read more »

If you cross a drawdio with a paintbrush, you get amazing sounds. Read more »

Everybody thinks that you could just buy a motor at a hobby shop, but here’s how to make your own, preferably for science fairs. Read more »

Using a few simple materials that you may already have around the house, you can design and launch your own rocket. 1-2-3 Let’s Go! Read more »

This kit includes fingerprint analysis, blood typing, and lie detector. Read more »

An arduino that runs a simple sketch can become a laser security system. The hardware is pretty easy. Read more »


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