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This kit includes fingerprint analysis, blood typing, and lie detector. Read more »

An arduino that runs a simple sketch can become a laser security system. The hardware is pretty easy. Read more »

In these instructions, I teach you how to make a vibrating little cute buzzing humming beetle robot. This is great for beginners because of the simple circuit and low parts cost. Read more »

It is basically an Arduino and LEDs that have been mounted on a pair of safety glasses. It runs a code that you can modify so that you get a strobe that is in front of your eyes. When you put them on, they help you see crazy patterns and... Read more »

These instructions will teach anyone that reads these how to make a drawdio with spare parts. It will cost $0-10 to make this little noisemaker. All of the parts can be obtained at RadioShack or any old electronics. Read more »


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