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Author’s note: I go to, organize, and facilitate a *lot* of hackathons, and while I’m thrilled about most of them as chances for people to learn and get involved in a field of research, I’m also fairly skeptical of them. So I’ve limited myself lately to events that can really make... Read more »


IKEA for robots – lowest cost functional robots for everyone. So cute. Support them on kickstarter! Read more »


Willow Brugh checks out uber hacker Rob Flickenger's latest project, a don't try this at home Tesla gun! Read more »


Ever wanted to talk with other people who create and maintain hacker and makerspaces? SpaceCamps exist as a forum for facilitators and founders of hacker and makerspaces to speak to each other on the meta level of the maker movement and associated responsibilities. SpaceCamp took place at Maker Faire San... Read more »

Give kids a printout to take home.

Designing a booth for Maker Faire may seem like an intimidating project. Festivals like these attract a broad demographic, a lot of questions, and all sorts of people with different interests and objectives. Combine it with the fact that visitors hardly ever linger at an exhibit longer than eight minutes,... Read more »


Hacker- and makerspaces are a fairly meta concept. While they can be explained via terms like "community workshop," they are essentially a created place where people can create projects. The space itself is the FIRST (and ongoing) project. Read more »