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Tony Alleyne transformed his suburban British apartment into a meticulous recreation of the starship Enterprise. Read more »


If simplicity is the heart of elegance, then this one-wheeled motorized scooter far out-glams its two-wheeled cousins. Read more »


With the peak oil crisis looming, the Vee 9 solar vehicle has been getting a lot of press recently. And for good reason — it promises the same guilt-free commute experience as trendier rides like the Toyota Prius and Ford Escape — but for nearly $20,000 less. Read more »

If you’ve ever watched a child play with a pinstriped, pint-sized Hot Wheels racer, you may have wondered if the toy car was following some secret, virtual map in that child’s mind. Sketch-a-Move not only proves that the answer is yes, it brings those invisible maps to life. Read more »

If the phrase “Live Steam enthusiasts” conjures up visions of health spa devotees huddled over vapor pools, think again. Read more »