Leslie Birch is a tech geisha, with a love of open source hardware -- especially Arduino. She's crafted award winning wearables and currently creates projects for Adafruit and Element 14. She inspires women and youth through the MakerJawn program and the artist collective, STEAMworkPhilly. Her hackerspaces are Hive76, The Hacktory and Spanning Tree. Yes, she collects Star Wars toys. Follow her @zengirl2.

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Think back to your first wearable tech experience: maybe it was the communicator badges in Star Trek, the palm flower crystals in Logan’s Run or the man-turned-machine in Terminator. These devices could simplify communication, monitor life functions, or even transform physical bodies. We all loved it, and we’re still seeking it. We want... Read more »

Leah Nice

I’ll never forget the first time I heard about Lilypad Arduino. I was astounded and said, “You can make LEDs light up and you stitch it with conductive thread? How does that work?” It wasn’t until years later, after experimenting with the board that I finally got to meet Leah... Read more »