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2013 Volumes 33-36

Make: Volume 33 Cover Image

Volume 33
» Software for Makers

MAKE Volume 33 features projects for makers of all skill levels — Arduino projects, food, music, personal fabrication, electronics, and more. In our special Codebox section you’ll learn about software of interest to makers, including circuit board design, 3D CAD and printing, microcontrollers, and programming for kids, featuring Microsoft’s SmallBasic, Scratch, and the Kickstarter-funded project Makey Makey.

Make: Volume 34 Cover Image

Volume 34
» Join the robot uprising!

Join the robot uprising! There’s never been a better time to delve into robotics, whether you’re a tinkerer or a more serious explorer. With the powerful tools and expertise now available, the next great leap in robot evolution is just as likely to come from your garage as a research lab.

Make: Volume 35 Cover Image

Volume 35
» Danger!

Meet makers who like to play with fire in a variety of ways. If you want to turn up the heat yourself, learn how to make a fire tornado using an old turntable or build your own Six-Pack Tesla Coil. With 23 fantastic DIY projects, find the perfect project for you from building a better projection screen for your living room to remaking a childhood classic with the EZ-Make Oven. So light off some homemade sugar rockets, and celebrate making with an edge!

2012 Volumes 29-32

Make: Volume 29 Cover Image

Volume 29
» DIY Superhuman

We have the technology (to quote The Six Million Dollar Man), but commercial tools for exploring, assisting, and augmenting our bodies really can approach a price tag of $6 million. Medical and assistive tech manufacturers must pay not just for R&D, but for expensive clinical trials, regulatory compliance, and liability — and doesn’t help with low pricing that these devices are typically paid for through insurance, rather than purchased directly.

Make: Volume 30 Cover Image

Volume 30
» Smarter Homes

Until recently, home automation was gimmicky, finicky, and user-hostile. But today, thanks to a new crop of devices and technology standards, home automation is useful, fun, and maker-friendly. In the special section of MAKE Vol 30, we’ll show you: how to flip any switch in your home with a smartphone, home automation without programming, controlling your HVAC with an Arduino, a webcam security system, and a wall-mounted Notification Alert Generator (NAG) that plays timely reminders as you walk by.

Make: Volume 31 Cover Image

Volume 31
» Punk Science

The maker movement is making science exciting again. Forget the lame baking soda “volcanoes” and the zillion-dollar supercolliders — just as punk rock took music back from the supergroups and big studios, “punk scientists” are making inexpensive new tools to conduct real experiments in garages, schools, and hackerspaces. In MAKE Volume 31, you’ll learn how to make DIY laboratory equipment (even a scanning electron microscope!), create high-voltage sparks from falling water, control a cockroach electronically, get started in biotech, and see how individuals and schools are networking their data for real scientific discoveries.

Make: Volume 32 Cover Image

Volume 32
»Design for Makers

Forget duct tape and baling wire — now makers can design and manufacture things as beautiful as Apple and as slick as Dyson and Audi. We’ll show you how to conceive and visualize great-looking projects with our speed course in industrial design — then build them with tools like vacuum forming and laser cutting, and finish them with cases and interfaces that are artful, ergonomic, and irresistible.Plus you’ll get 23 great DIY projects like the Nellie Bly Smoker, the Awesome Button, the World Control Panel, LED Little Big Lamp, Laminar-Flow Water Fountain, and Keyless Lock Box, and meet amazing makers like costumer Shawn Thorsson, flying motorcycle builder Deszo Molnar, and more.

2011 Volumes 25-28

Make: Volume 25 Cover Image

Volume 25
» Microcontrollers and Arduino

Give your gadgets a brain! Previously out of reach for the do-it-yourselfer, the tiny computers called micro-controllers are now so cheap and easy to use that anyone can make their stuff smart.

Make: Volume 26 Cover Image

Volume 26
» Karts and Wheels

Garage go-kart building is a time-honored hobby for do-it-yourselfers, and we’ve got plans and articles to help you build wheeled wonders that’ll have you and the kids racing around the neighborhood in DIY style.

Make: Volume 27 Cover Image

Volume 27
» Robots

The Robots have returned! Volume 27 features robotics projects for every age and skill level. They play music, outwit your pets, spy via the internet, and learn from their mistakes! Plus: build a jellyfish aquarium, create pre-Edison incandescent lighting, and make a go-anywhere digital message board!

Make: Volume 28 Cover Image

Volume 28
» Toys and Games

MAKE Volume 28 hits makers’ passion for play head-on with a 28-page special section devoted to Toys and Games, including a toy “pop-pop” steamboat, an R/C helicopter eye-in-the-sky, and a classic video game console. Build a gravity-powered catapult, a plush toy that interacts with objects around it, and a machine that blows giant soap bubbles. Play is a hallmark of more intelligent species — so go have some fun!

2010 Volumes 21-24

Make: Volume 21 Cover Image

Volume 21
» Desktop Manufacturing

DIY fabrication is here, with inexpensive 3D printers and CNC mills. Plus: drill-powered mini bike, traditional cigar box guitar, snow making machine, and more.

Make: Volume 22 Cover Image

Volume 22
» Remote Control / Wireless

Automate your lawn mower, chicken coop, Nikon camera — just about anything — using radio control, motion sensing, smartphones, and the web.

Make: Volume 23 Cover Image

Volume 23
» Gadgets

Make machines that do delightful and surprising things! From a mini electronic Whack-a-Mole arcade game, to a tiny but mighty audio amp, a self-balancing Gyrocar, and the Most Useless Machine (as seen on The Colbert Report!), and lots more!.

Make: Volume 24 Cover Image

Volume 24
» Space

DIY satellites! Radio telescopy! Sub-orbital rocketry! Renegade NASA hackers! Bouncing signals off the moon! Plus, other DIY projects to keep you busy while your computer searches for ET.

2009 Volumes 17-20

Make: Volume 17 Cover Image

Volume 17
» Lost Knowledge

Make like it’s 1899, with the wondrous Wimshurst spark generator, Florence Siphon coffee brewer, and teacup Stirling engine. Plus, how-tos on classic balsa glider, optical bass, stealth microphone, and more.

Make: Volume 18 Cover Image

Volume 18
» ReMake America

Reboot your homestead with an automated garden controller, Tweet-A-Watt energy monitor, solar hot water, micro irrigation, off-grid laundry, LED lighting, and more. Plus: 1-ton servo, micro forge,
32 projects in all.

Make: Volume 19 Cover Image

Volume 19
» Robots

Make your own autopilot drone plane, build a sonar-guided Makey robot, and learn to use servomotors. Plus: bicycle speed vest, plywood chair, mini fume extractor, surfboard, solar jewelry, and more.

Make: Volume 20 Cover Image

Volume 20
» For Kids of All Ages

Mythbuster Adam Savage kicks off 23 fun projects: hydrogen-oxygen rocket, sleek model sailboat, lunchbox laser show, 10-rocket launcher, marble computer, snow splitboard, many more.

2008 Volumes 13-16

Make: Volume 13 Cover Image

Volume 13
» Magic

The fireball shooter is one of 13 fiendishly ingenious illusions you can build! Plus: air-powered “boom stick,” smart structure, music sequencer for babies, and TV-B-Gone baseball cap that turns off obnoxious TVs.

Make: Volume 14 Cover Image

Volume 14
» Optics

Bring new depth to the field of vision! Make 3D movies, a webcam microscope, R/C buggy with video tele-presence, a kaleidoscope, and more. Plus: taffy pulling machine, spy sunglasses, bike light, prank beeper.

Make: Volume 19 Cover Image

Volume 15
» Music

Make DIY instruments: a laser harp, guitar stomp boxes, Drumbot, pocket synth, modded Guitar Hero “keytar.” Plus: air rockets, smoke ring vortex cannon, Seebeck generator, and digital camera automation.

Make: Volume 16 Cover Image

Volume 16
» Spy Tech

Make 10 sneaky gadgets: spy scopes, listening bug, laser communicator, self-destructing object, stealth USB drive, and more. Plus: R/C pole camera, hot-wire foam cutter, Chladni plate, surface-mount soldering.

2007 Volumes 09-12

Make: Volume 09 Cover Image

Volume 09
» Fringe

Push the boundaries of physics and reason with Kirlian photography, perpetual motion, and more. Plus: cracker box amplifier, panoramic pinhole camera, how to work with carbon fiber.

Make: Volume 10 Cover Image

Volume 10
» Home Electronics

Learn electronics with 20+ projects including lasers, toys, controllers, and home automation. Plus: brain wave machine, biosphere in a jar, Hot Wheels radar gun, workbenches, and making things with ABS plastic.

Make: Volume 11 Cover Image

Volume 11

Dive into digital arts with greenscreen video, infrared photos, software bots, fan-edited movies, and more. Plus: super loud air whistle, Lego gadget charger, no-battery remote, solar xylophone, DIY solar panels.

Make: Volume 12 Cover Image

Volume 12
» For Kids of All Ages

Mythbuster Adam Savage kicks off 23 fun projects: hydrogen-oxygen rocket, sleek model sailboat, lunchbox laser show, 10-rocket launcher, marble computer, snow splitboard, many more.

2006 Volumes 05-08

Make: Volume 05 Cover Image

Volume 05
» Science, Weather, and Outdoors

High-powered water rockets, wind turbines, homemade electric hot rods, and an awesome backyard zip line. Plus: jam jar jet engine, and how to use sensors.

Make: Volume 06 Cover Image

Volume 06
» Robots

Build bug-like BEAM robots, battle tanks, R/C rovers, and smart Lego soccer robots. Plus: the MAKE Controller, LED throwies, rumble mouse, tensegrity tower, and working with compressed air and RFID tags.

Make: Volume 19 Cover Image

Volume 07
» Backyard Biology

Extract and analyze your DNA, hack your plants, grow mushrooms in home mycology lab. Plus: videocam rocket, Stirling engine, wi-fi hacks, and a head-mounted cannon to win any water fight.

Make: Volume 08 Cover Image

Volume 08
» Toys and Games

Playtime! Pinball restoration, robotic desk toys, video games, model making, and a rubber band ornithopter. Plus: DIY coffee roaster, toy gun controlled alarm clock, mold-making with Adam Savage.

2005 Volumes 01-04

Make: Volume 01 Cover Image

Volume 01
» Make Premiere

The first magazine devoted to digital projects, hardware hacks, and DIY inspiration. Kite aerial photography, video cam stabilizer, magnetic stripe card reader, and much more.

Make: Volume 02 Cover Image

Volume 02
» Home Entertainment

29 projects include HD video recorder, home theater shaker seats, surround sound, retro gaming. Plus: R2 robot builders, restore a vintage amp, light-seeking robot, and etch circuit boards.

Make: Volume 19 Cover Image

Volume 03
» Cars and Halloween

Hack your car with a dashboard PC, remote control, iPod, biodiesel, and more. Plus: Halloween animatronics, stun-gun potato cannon, VCR cat feeder, welding primer, and ultimate maker’s tools.

Make: Volume 04 Cover Image

Volume 04
» Music and Kits for the Holidays

Easy cigar box guitar, “circuit bending” instruments, and a turntable-to-iPod cabinet to convert vinyl LPs to MP3s. Plus: high-speed flash photography, coffee hacks, the coolest kits.