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New Review: Bulbdial Clock

The Bulbdial Clock displays analog time, without any motor, movement, or screen. The 72 LEDs cast shadow hands across its face, with red, green, and blue for hours, minutes, and seconds. It’s a beautiful effect, and the kit is not difficult to assemble, thanks to incredibly well-done instructions. Read more »

New Review: Wise Clock 3

The Wise Clock 3 is an easy and highly customizable driver for a 32×16 RGB LED matrix display (included). Its default program includes several different clock modes, but it can also display the date and temperature, or any message. Check out all the different clock faces, including Pong and Pac-Man. Read more »

New Review: Solder: Time

Solder: Time was a perfect father-daughter project: my 8-year-old assembled the components and I soldered. Afterwards, she had a chunky blue wristwatch that her cousin admired longingly, so we made another one for her. Now their friends are asking for them. I think we’ve started a trend! Read more »

New Review: Monochron Clock

The Monochron is an extremely rewarding kit to build. Not only is it fun, but the finished clock adds retro flair to any home. As with all Adafruit kits, the instructions are clear and well thought out. The clock features an alarm function, custom laser-cut case, and several different display modes... Read more »

New Review: Ice Tube Clock

The heart of the Ice Tube Clock is a distinctive, vintage, Russian vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) housed in a transparent, laser-cut enclosure. The clock features a precision watch crystal, alarm function, and battery backup. The build quality and online instructions are excellent, as is the completeness of the kit. Anyone who stops... Read more »

New Review: Edo-Style Clock

I had a great time building the Edo-Style clock kit from Gakken, and was amazed at its accuracy over several months of use. The kit is well designed, durable, and fun. The included picture-based directions are easy to follow, even if you don’t know Japanese, but if you plan to make... Read more »

New Review: IN12 6 Tube Nixie Clock Kit

Nixie tubes, beautiful relics of early computing, display their numerals with a quivery orange glow. Peter J. Jensen makes Nixie tube clock kits, and it was a joy to put one of them together, thanks to the clear step-by-step instructions and parts envelopes labeled with corresponding numbers. Jensen designed the... Read more »