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New Review: AL5B Robotic Arm Combo Kit

Ready for a challenge? Try one of the robotic arms from Lynxmotion. I got their AL5B arm kit, which sports a 5oz lift capacity, five joints, and a reach of 7½ inches. I assembled it in one evening, and I’ve been having a blast with it ever since. All arms... Read more »

New Review: MadeUSA Robot Base Full Kit

Around my house I’ve renamed my MadeUSA “Big Bruiser” for the black and blue marks it leaves on my ankles when it runs into me during programming tests. Chalk it up to an occupational hazard. And besides, I got these bruises while having fun. This bot, which is strong enough... Read more »

New Review: Wind Up Workshop Robots

Who would have thought a company that makes pencils and pens could come up with such a cool robotics kit for all ages! Inside the box are five windup mechanisms, plus various arts and crafts goodies to make a veritable army of whirring and walking mechanical denizens. You get some... Read more »

New Review: Mr. General Mobile Platform

Mr. General is a solderless breadboard on wheels — one of my favorite ways to play with robotics. Mr. General puts it all on a sturdy frame, throws in a nifty servo-operated object detector, and even 140 colored wires. You supply the microcontroller; I recommend a small all-in-one board, like the... Read more »

New Review: DFRobotShop Rover

Here’s an easy-to-build robot base that combines a custom Arduino development board with inexpensive motors and tank-style tracks. It even comes with its own lithium polymer power pack and self-charging circuit, so you don’t need to add batteries. To construct the DFRobotShop Rover you have to first assemble the twin... Read more »

New Review: QuadBot

Eight mini servo motors and an assortment of acrylic pieces combine to create the QuadBot, a low-cost, four-legged robotic pet you can assemble in under an hour. The kit doesn’t come with brains or batteries; add those yourself. Each leg uses two servos, making this a 2DOF (two degrees of... Read more »