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The 3D Robotics Aero-M has 40 minutes of flight time for mapping and surveillance. Photo: 3D Robotics.

OpenExplorer is offering free drones to intrepid adventurers with goals of science and discovery. Read more »

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I needed new shop horses to manage different projects and locations in my shop. I went to buy them, but realized they were too big. Read more »

  If you’re a fan of coffee tables, geography, and stuff that glows, you’ll love this table by Chris Finklea. It features a beautiful finish, and is assembled using CNC-cut hexagons with a map of the world cut into them. To fill in the land masses, Chris decided to fill... Read more »


Using a CNC router, vinyl cutter, laser cutter, strip heater, and $200 in materials from Home Depot, Boston area inventor and builder Christian Reed constructed an awesomely detailed table-top stadium to hold the provisions for Sunday’s festivities.   I got this idea for this project from a good friend of... Read more »


In this game, an ideal alliance would consist of robots that each specialize in different tasks working together Read more »

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There is a rather large gender gap in the makerspace community; one that has mirrored the well-documented gaps in various STEM fields, and while some proactive spaces have increased their efforts to support inclusivity, it has proven to be an uphill battle for others. It’s achievable though, with many examples (such... Read more »


Hungarian design student Zsanett Szirmay and Hungarian cimbalom player Bálint Tárkány-Kovács turn traditional embroidery into musical compositions in a collaborative project called "Sound Weaving." Read more »


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