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On the 19th April at 9:00am (GMT) we launched our High Altitude Balloon from Inverness in the Scottish Highlands, it reached an altitude of 100,018 ft in 108min, recording a min temperature of -40C and a min air pressure of 14.2 millibars.

Registration for this year's Global Space Balloon Challenge has just opened. Do you have what it takes to send a payload into near-space using a high-altitude balloon? Read more »


Looking for an awesome family-friendly weekend project? If you’ve got creative kids who love painting, surprise them with an afternoon of color-filled DIY fun! Make your own set of homemade watercolor paints using ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen with this easy-to-follow tutorial from Amy Vowles on... Read more »

The collection of components that you see above is actually a clock, masterfully constructed by Gislain Benoit, who has been working with electronics for as long as he can remember. According to the description, this clock not only displays the time, but all of the components you would see in... Read more »


A simple wood splitting machine that lets gravity do all of the hard work. Read more »


Rocksmith, if you haven’t heard of it, is a video game that helps you learn to play the guitar, or bass guitar in “GearWalker’s” case. Think Guitar Hero, except with an actual guitar. Although this is quite an interesting concept (and in some ways makes more sense than ‘Hero), it requires... Read more »

SLS Face Display

Walk into the SLS Hotel in Las Vegas and you’ll be greeted by a giant golden face perched high above the casino floor, gently floating and bobbing over the throngs of people dreaming of riches. It’s eerie enough that you might think you’ve found heaven, or that someone spiked your drink. The incredible... Read more »

sample configuration with horizontal loop

Since the beginning of my hobby of producing 3D printed parts to help people with physical disabilities play video games, the thumbstick has been an issue. Unfortunately, it was an issue I didn’t really have an elegant solution for. After some brainstorming, I believe I’ve come up with a useful... Read more »


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