Party Photo

Here are some ways you can set up a designated photo area or DIY photo booth at your holiday parties. Read more »


Love the look of wood mixed with metal? This simple tree ornament is a great way to use up spare materials kicking around the shop. This project can be created by makers both young and old. The wood cutting can be done with a scroll saw (for the younger, less experienced makers),... Read more »


If the picture seen above doesn’t scare you, or at least freak you out a little, the videos at the end of this post should do the trick. As seen on, Melisa Ng has come up with a 3D printed mask that I hope doesn’t show up in my... Read more »

Boba Fett

Rosaline writes in to share her 2-year-long project to create a Star Wars covered Christmas tree. You can see her beautifully crocheted Amigurumi figures here covering the tree. At first glance, you may not notice just how many there are! The Good Guys Here are the good guys, all the... Read more »


This summer I had the pleasure of recruiting a bunch of great Makers to participate in a book project called Maker Pro: Essays on Making a Living as a Maker, a collection of essays by and interviews of professional makers. Some of the names you might have seen at Maker... Read more »


(Note: We have been told that the video is not loading for some people. Follow this link to see it) 27 year old Caroline Erikkson has poured many hours into this amazing gingerbread sculpture of Smaug from The Hobbit.  The process took roughly two weeks and you can easily see... Read more »

Omni Oakland Commons

Long a beloved institution, the Bay Area’s Omni Building houses a variety of collective organizations stewarding resources for the general public. Read more »


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